Monday, 17 March 2014

Trick to Hide/Remove Your Last Name on Facebook

We all know that Facebook is a community where people use their real identities. Facebook not allow anybody to make scam or fake profile. For making FB user to connect people socially safe it always ask first & last name yours. No one allow to hide/remove their last name, but here I'm going to reveal the trick by which you can remove your last name from exciting facebook account 

Facebook allow some countries like Indonesia to have only first name because most of the people on Indonesia don't have last name. By making some internet settings we can also single name on FB. You first need Mozilla Firefox Browser on your PC which I suppose you already have.

Now just follow below steps:

1. Change your Firefox Browser Proxy Manually  
Go To Tools > Option >  Advanced >  Network > Setting >Manual Proxy Configuration >
put any Of the bellow proxies  

Port: 8080
or you can get fresh Indonesia proxy from here 
Search for a proxy in “Indonesia” with Port no. “8080″ as shown below

2. Save Settings

Note: Open your facebook account before changing proxy, if your account is not opening after changing it.
3. Now its time to open your Facebook Account and Go to Account Settings.
4. Change your Language to Bahasa Indonesia.

5. Then simply remove your last name then Save it.
6. Switch back to English(US) language.
After doing all step remove proxy & switch to system proxy. 
Now you have only single name account you can amaze your friends by this trick.


If you face any problem in settings feel free to ask.
Must share and Enjoy....

Note: I'm not much pretty sure but since we're not allow to use only single name fb account, there is chance to get blocked for some facebook features. But you can tryat once.

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