Thursday, 20 March 2014

New tricks to create single Facebook account. it's out of the question to create account on Facebook while not cognomen as a result of it's against the policies of Facebook. however if you wish to create your Facebook profile with  First name without using last name then simply follow my given steps.

Follow these Steps:

  • First One Open Your Account Setting or Click Here For Go To Facebook Account Setting.

  • Then Change Proxy Into Indonesian Proxy.

Important Note:

            1:    Firstly Open your Facebook account settings then change proxy because sometime after changing proxy their will be error in log in account.
            2:    Don't Forget To Remove Proxies After Using. So if you  want to enjoy this tricks for long time. Always Remove Proxies :) 

  • If you use Google Chrome then use this way for change proxy.

  • If you use Mozilla Firefox then use this way for change proxy.

Here is a list of some http proxies:   

PORT :        8080

               IF you Want more Indonesian Proxy And Port then Click here.

  • After change proxy Change your language from English (us) to Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Then  Simply remove Your Last Name And Save it.

  • Now Your Facebook Account is only with First Name Without Last Name.
  • When Single Name Done .Then remove Proxy And Enjoy It. :)
If  you face any problem in this trick feel free to share your problems comment. I will glad to help you.


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